Who is LETA Architecture?
We are a New York City based design firm, established in 1984 by principal Lester Evan Tour. We believe creating a ‘good’ building comes before creating architecture. Our broad range of clients and projects showcase our dexterity to solve problems with beautifully applied solutions.

Who Are Our Clients?
We work with developers, building and corporate business owners, and homeowners primarily located in the Tri-State area.

How Do We Work?
Our goal is to achieve an ideal built environment. We work closely with clients to objectively assess the project’s scope, budget, and constraints.  We create successful results by developing a working strategy, a refined design, and thorough documentation for efficient construction.

Why Are We Valued?
We are the clients advocate. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive service from initial planning through the completion of construction. Additionally, we substantiate that the client’s needs are aligned with their budget. We ensure that both small and large scale decisions involving schedule, function, safety, and aesthetics, are in the best interest of the client and project; both upfront and throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Money invested in planning delivers a more efficient, cost-effective construction process.


What We Do:

  • New Construction
  • Major Alteration of Existing Structures
  • Additions to Existing Structures
  • Commercial Office Space / Corporate Interiors
  • Historical Restoration
  • Residential Renovations
  • Zoning Analysis & Bulk Studies
  • Feasibility Studies & Preliminary Building Design
  • Project Planning Logistics
  • Capital Projects Planning
  • Preliminary Diligence Pursuant to Signing a Lease
  • Scope Assessment Pursuant to Major Alteration
  • Prototypical Branded/Retail Environments
  • Code Compliance Review of Existing Structures