Location: Brooklyn, NY
Completion Date: In Progress

An addition to a 2,4000 square foot three-story residential property in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The property, located in an area of new residential growth, had additional as-of-right floor area to expand the building. To take advantage, a team consisting of the building owner, a broker and developer with prior successful projects, looked to LETA to create a 1,400 square foot addition.

Schemes were first developed to add floors above while extending into the rear. After budgeting the cost of construction and projected income from the sale of units, a vertical addition was deemed impractical. The most economical scheme was to gut the existing building, and add a rear extension, turning the property from three family rentals, into a two family owner’s duplex, with a rental until above.

The existing Federal-styled street facade will be restored, removing an unappealing entrance structure. A newly designed stair and railing will complement the elegance of the early 1900’s façade. The rear addition is designed in a contemporary style, with expansive glass and terraces at each level. The interior is an open modern plan with ample storage. The new rear extension creates private spaces and allows the existing structure to function as the open public space.