Location: New York, NY
Client: AM Property Holding Corporation / Variety Café
Completion Date: 2001

A second entrance was added in this pre-war landmarked building, allowing direct access to a new retail space. Previously, the only access to the space was through the building’s lobby. Lacking direct street access had made the retail space undesirable to potential tenants. The façade renovation resolved this issue while maintaining historical consistency, sympathetic to the building’s original design. A new masonry stair and retail doors were installed in an existing windowed wall; entrance doors were designed to match the existing bronze. Restoration of the existing solid granite stairs and original bronze storefront was conducted concurrently with the project. The supporting sidewalk vault structure was severely deteriorated and needed a full replacement. All designs received Landmarks Preservation Commission approval. The new direct access entrance encouraged higher business volume, boosting the value of the retail space considerably.