Location: New York, NY
Client: The New School
Completion Date: 2014

The main roof, two bulkhead roofs, and two lower terrace roofs of this New School Building were replaced entirely. Leaks where railings penetrated the roofing, roof catch basins that were disconnected from drains, and water infiltration behind brickwork resulted in soft and spongy spots throughout the deteriorating multi-level rooftop. The existing pavers were removed and cleaned. New roof catch basins connected to proper plumbing were installed. Insulation was fitted, and a new, elevated pedestal system was installed to support the pavers. All railings were repaired, skylights were removed and reinstalled over water tight curbs, and the brick bulkheads were repointed. Fortunately, while the roof held an incredible amount of water, the beautifully arched ceiling of the interior top floor was free of damage.