Location: New York, NY
Completion Date: 1995

Previously converted to a two-family in the 1960s, the original single-family configuration of this colonial townhouse was restored. Renovation extended to the Landmark’s Preservation Commission approved exterior and the rear yard. All ground level supporting wood joists of the rear two-story extension required replacement. A new kitchen was installed, and the fireplace and powder room on the parlor floor were restored. Gutting the additional kitchen allocated bedroom space on the second floor. Deck space was created by transforming the roof of the rear extension. New finishes, fixtures, and matching original details were tastefully integrated, sympathetic to the early period of the home. Original wood flooring was restored, plaster details and moldings were patched and re-created, and plumbing and electric were re-routed to service the new layout. The exterior ironwork was designed to fuse with the existing historic context and introduce a modern feel. Upon completion, the townhouse was legally converted to a one family home.