Location: New York, NY
Completion Date: 2000

Thirty thousand square feet of office space was leased to create a co-working space for small companies and technology firms. This renovation required combining two floors of a twenty-one story building. Disruption of the occupants had to be mitigated during the substantial restructuring. The entire space was gutted back to columns and exterior walls. In the center, the existing floor slab was cut and opened, a steel beam was removed, and the column reinforced to create room for a new stair in the bi-level lobby. Adjacent to the steel and glass stair, a two-story frosted glass enclosure was constructed to house several conference rooms. Surrounding this central core, multiple offices, ranging from one hundred and fifty to eleven hundred square feet, were designed to maximize efficiency of the floorplan. With the intricate coordination of designers, engineers, specialized consultants, and fabricators, the value of this intra-office access build-out was fully maximized.