Location: New York, NY
Completion Date: 2014

Elegant simplicity and classic Mid-Century design are principal elements in the complete renovation of this residential loft space. The industrial characteristics, customary of a landmarked Tribeca building were amplified while areas were designed in respect to functionality. Bricks walls, wood columns, ceiling joists, and piping were exposed and refinished in select areas. The service and sleep spaces are angled along the rear and side perimeter; the kitchen, living room, and dining space are an open volume of unimpeded space. Custom metal and Lexan sliding doors partition the master bedroom allowing a clean transition between spaces and natural light when opened. Sleek cabinets with frosted glass roll-up doors, teardrop pendant lighting, and a large island articulate the space for the kitchen. The guest bathroom’s classical elegance has floor-to- ceiling marble and careful detailing of inlays. As in the master bath, teardrop shaped Italian faucets and shower heads create continuity by mimicking the kitchen’s pendant lighting. Similarly, handcrafted subway tile in the master bath was reintroduced to the space by adding it to places where the exposed brick was cut away. The original sliding Fire door, discovered during demolition, was fitted with custom brackets and re-purposed for the closet. Custom hand-chiseled walnut flooring with extra-wide planking further emphasizes the scale of the space. The overall loft is now a mix of modern elements interacting with the warmth of the existing structure.