Location: New York, NY
Completion Date: 2017

Our client had previously renovated her one-bedroom apartment a few years prior to the adjoining unit becoming available. Seeing an opportunity to expand her unit, she purchased the adjoining apartment and was referred to LETA. Having not worked with an architect on her prior renovations, she was initially hesitant to hire an architect to provide full design and construction administration services.

Beginning with a small scope to design a layout to combine the two apartments, we reviewed her priorities and sketched out a combined space that felt like one unified space. While developing the design and working through all the details, she incrementally gave us more opportunities to take on more of the project scope. The scope included creating a flexible home office /guest room with a built-in murphy bed and custom pocket doors. Originally thinking adding a large walk-in-closet off of the master bedroom was impractical, we were able to reconfigure the master bathroom and home office to provide a generous space. Built-in millwork at living room windows unify the combined apartments. The wood floor in the new unit was replaced to match the wood floor in her original apartment and a custom base molding was installed throughout. The newly combined apartments seamlessly feel as one apartment with a generous living and dining room space flanked on each side by the bedrooms, providing them more privacy.

Being able to contrast her experience of renovating with and without an architect, she is now one of our biggest advocates of how working with an architect adds value saves time, and reduces stress throughout the entire process. Her great design instincts allowed for fun and seamless design discussions and a beautiful final product.