Location: New York, NY
Completion Date: 2018

About a year before our clients were planning for a baby and needed to maintain residency in Manhattan, they were fortunate to have the adjacent apartment become available for sale. We took the two one-bedroom, one-bathroom units and created a two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit with a flexible home office. With a tight budget, we created a phased plan to combine the units and maximize the efficiency of the new layout.

In addition to creating a dedicated nursery/children’s bedroom, it was the client’s priority to add a flexible home office that could also be used as a guest bedroom.  Choosing to maintain the entrance of their current apartment, we made the space that was the entrance and kitchen of the adjoining apartment into the new home office/guest bedroom. A custom storage/murphy bed unit was designed with custom steel and glass folding door/partition to separate the room and give privacy from the rest of the apartment.

We made the Kitchen more functional with more work area while keeping as much of the existing cabinetry to stay within budget. We also kept the existing kitchen cabinet boxes but replaced the door and drawer panels to provide an updated kitchen at a lower cost.

A new pre-finished solid wood floor was installed throughout and the new floor was laid at a diagonal for the Kitchen and Living/Dining Rooms visually enlarging the space.  New custom cabinets were installed under the windows to give additional storage while also enclosing the existing heating and A/C units.  To increase space in the kitchen and Living/Dining Rooms we stripped gypsum wallboard from the concrete columns, exposing them as a counterpoint to the painted walls.  We reconfigured the area between the new master bedroom and master bathroom to create more storage thus creating an on-suite Master Bedroom.