Location: Brooklyn, NY
Completion Date: 2008

Design and consulting services were offered in the conversion of a two-family house to a single-family, five-bedroom home. Initially, the clients wanted small renovations regarding finishes, kitchen expansion, and legalizing the home as a one family. However, review of the existing electrical, heating, and plumbing systems indicated the need for renovation of the entire home. All of the electric and plumbing systems were replaced, bringing the house up to code. A high-efficiency heating and A/C system was installed. The entire exterior of the house was stripped down to the sheathing, the walls and roof were furnished with new insulation, and new windows were installed. A new dormer was added in the rear attic to provide ample headroom for a playroom and home office. The lower level apartment was opened up and renovated as a den. The new larger kitchen and bathrooms received completely new finishes.